Winnipeg Fire Department.

Issue 20 and Volume 45.

Winnipeg Fire Department. The success which has accompanied the tests of the fire service waterworks system in Winnipeg, Man., clearly indicates the wisdom of council for increasing the city’s protection against fire. Its business district is so congested and contains so many very valuable stocks and properties, while the menace of a conflagration or even a large fire is so great, that this precautionary measure has commended itself to the public. Fires generate heat-units with tremendous rapidity, and streams that are unable to reduce the temperature merely add fuel to the flames, and it is now admitted by all the most experienced fire engineers that, if the fire losses are ever to be decreased, it must be accomplished along the line of better and more effective streams, of greater solidity, distance and volume, that require longer time to be converted into steam and its gases. The results will best be…

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