Issue 20 and Volume 45.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The Clear Springs company has filed a bill in Equity to prevent the borough of Catasauqua, Pa., from installing its own municipal water plant. The company claims that, by virtue of old franchises, and because it has the contract to supply the fireplugs, it has the exclusive right to supply water there. It also asserts that the loan of $80,000 voted by the people at the November election for a borough water plant exceeded the municipality’s borrowing capacity, and is, therefore, null and void. The complainant asks the court to enjoin the borough council from issuing the bonds voted for by the people. In an editorial that recently appeared in a New York daily paper dealing with the question of the type of man to be selected to succeed Mayor McClellan, the fifty requirements, more or less, of the bureau of municipal research are briefly criticised…

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