Greater New York Fire News.

Issue 20 and Volume 45.

Greater New York Fire News. The recent fatal incendiary, tenement-house fire at 37 Spring street, Manhattan, where nine persons were killed was set down as the work of the Black Hand, and it was shown that an Italian who kept a small grocery store on the first floor had received letters threatening him with death unless he deposited $2,500 at the entrance of the old St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic cathedral at Mulberry and Mott streets. Suspicion somehow worked round in the direction of Leopold Siano a marble cutter of 49 Eighth avenue, and he was arrested accordingly. In his possession were found three other letters not addressed to anyone in particular, demanding the same sum, the handwriting of which was identical with that of the letter sent to the Spring street grocer. The man was trapped into writing another in presence of the detective department, and it, also, showed the…

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