Keystone Fire Chiefs’ Association.

Issue 20 and Volume 45.

Keystone Fire Chiefs’ Association. A regular stated meeting of the Keystone Fire Chiefs’ Association was held at Reading, Pa., on Thursday, May 13. The members were met by Chief George W. Miller and a committee of the Firemen’s Union and escorted to the hotel Brighter, where lunch was served, and they were taken on special trolley cars for a trip through the city and over Neversink mountain. On return, other cars were taken for a trip to Mt. Penn and the Eagle’s Mountain house, where a Dutch lunch was partaken of, and was enlivened by the music of the Philharmonic band. At 8 p. m. a business meeting was held at the Eagle’s house, and 10 new members elected. A very pleasant feature of the evening was the presentation of a handsome vase to Chief Baxter, of Philadelphia, by President Harbster, of the Liberty Fire company, on behalf of the…

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