Electricity Defended.

Issue 20 and Volume 45.

Electricity Defended. We have more than once pointed out that the danger of electricity lies in its safety. It is used in places where nobody would dream of using a naked gas light; for instance, in the manufacture of explosives, and in coal mines. If a man fills a balloon with hydrogen he uses electricity for lights and fans. Consequently, it often has to face conditions which can only be described as picked. The London county council fire brigade report for 1908 shows that out of 3,238 fires some 357 were connected with gas and 130 with electricity. The gas journals have been very jubilant over this. They ask us to consider for one moment the proportion of gas jets to electric lamps in London, and then to draw our own conclusions. The conclusions are ridiculously obvious. Electric lighting is by no means as widespread as gas lighting, that is…

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