Elevator Fire in Chicago.

Issue 20 and Volume 45.

Elevator Fire in Chicago. Elevator B, of the Illinois Central railway, which was recently destroyed by fire, stood on the South pier in the downtown district, occupying a space of 200×425 ft. In height it was 125 ft., it was not sprinklered, and was built in 1872. The bins were of wood ; the structure itself was of veneered brick. It was probably struck by lightning during a thunderstorm at the end of April, and when the department arrived the whole of the elevator was on fire all through. Twenty-three engines — Ahrens, Nott, American-La France, Metropolitan, and Continental—were sent to the scene, besides 5 hook and ladder trucks. 3 fireboats and 4 chemical engines. The width of the street in front of the damaged property is 60 ft., but the main is loid on it, and there was only a single hydrant available, the pressure at which was 35…

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