Irrigation on the Nile.

Issue 20 and Volume 45.

Irrigation on the Nile. All along the banks are the shehdufs that have been in use since prehistoric times, and this is the manner of raising the Nile water to the level of the ditches in the fields. At different levels are fixed long poles that swing seesaw fashion on a crosspiece. On one end of this seesaw is a great lump of mud, at the other a big kettle affair made of leather, swung from a rope. A brown fellah, practically naked, stands by each kettle, filling it in the water below, guiding it as the weight of the mud ball raises it. emptying it into the next level, and pulling it down by its rope to fill again. Sometimes three or four such stages are necessary to reach the fields. Then back from the river are the wells operated by sakiehs such as were used in King Mena’s…

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