Louisville Fire Hazard.

Issue 21 and Volume 45.

Louisville Fire Hazard. The reinspection of the city of Louisville, Ky., by the engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters revealed the facts that, since the original investigation in September, 1906, there have been some recent improvements to the water supply by the installation of an additional pump at the new River station, and to the fire department by the addition of a new engine company and a new ladder company. The conflagrationhazard, however, is severe in the congested-value district, on account of the close grouping of blocks compactly built with structually weak buildings. The engineers review their findings as follows: Water Supply.—Works owned and operated by the municipality. Management good; records and plans incomplete, although considerably improved since 1906. Supply pumped from the Ohio river through four force-mains to Crescent Hill reservoir, holding nearly 5-days’ storage, from which it flow’s to the clear-water basin, holding over one day’s…

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