Rats a Signal for Fire.

Issue 21 and Volume 45.

Rats a Signal for Fire. When the Clyde liner Apache was burning as she passed the Delaware capes on her way to New York, fire broke out in her hold forward. Her cargo consisted largely of cotton and resin. Three lines of hose were carried over the deck through a porthole into the hold, and the fire was put out by Second Officer L. W. Webb and a fire crew. Among the 137 passengers were Emerson Browne, a playwright, and Frederick Thompson, manager of a New York theatre, where a play by the former is being acted. These and others were in the smoking room when two large rats ran across the floor, on which the dramatic author quoted a line from his play on the subject of rats quiting a sinking ship. In a few minutes all were on deck, when Manager Thompson saw smoke issuing from the porthole.…

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