Railway Freight House Fire at Portsmouth.

Issue 21 and Volume 45.

Railway Freight House Fire at Portsmouth. At Portsmouth, Va., a fire of unknown origin, accompanied by an explosion, destroyed the general warehouse of the Seaboard Air Line railway at the railroad terminals here to-day, entailing a loss of from $100,000 to $150,000, and resulting in the injury of four men, one, a fireman, being seriously hurt. Between fifty and sixty freight cars, many of them loaded, were also burned. The fire gained rapid headway, and for a time it seemed that all the buildings located in the Seaboard’s repair and construction yards would be consumed. Soon after the Portsmouth fire department arrived heavy explosions within the storehouse—a brick structure—followed by several smaller ones, sent bricks and burning timbers flying in every direction, greatly endangering the lives of the firemen and others. It is not known whether a tank of acid, a quantity of dynamite exploded, or, as the officials of…

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