Issue 21 and Volume 45.

CORRESPONDENCE. COST OF THE CATSKILL WATER SUPPLY To FIRE AND WRTER ENGINEERING. Much is being said for and against the new Catskill water supply for the city of New York, its necessity and the reverse, the sufficiency or insufficiency of the Croton and Long Island supplies, and the propriety and possibility of supplying Richmond borough from New Jersey. It cannot be denied that a suspicion of graft underlies the whole question, just as in the days of Mayor Van Wyck, the same suspicion underlay the Ramapo proposition. So far as regards the Catskill scheme, the city seems to be irrevocably bound to carry out Mayor McClellan’s, project, and so far as the expenditure upon it goes, that will certainly reach a very much higher figure than $161,000,000. According to the present rate of expenditure, the cost will be at least $200,000,000, if not more. So far $101,000,000 of the first…

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