Dam Burst at Wadham Mills.

Issue 21 and Volume 45.

Dam Burst at Wadham Mills. The Wadham Mills dam in Essex county, Out., recently burst, and, though no lives were lost, the resultant damage was estimated at $500,000. It was built to catch and impound the waters of Lincoln pond and the surrounding swamp lands, and served the Witherbee-Sherman Power company as a storage-reservoir to hold back the spring flood-waters and increase the summer dry-season flow. As such, it was a success; but, when it burst, the waters destroyed bridges, and carried away houses and other buildings in the valley and the lowlands. The dam, however, was unsoundly constructed. Although of concrete at the ends and for some little distance each way, it was wood in the centre, and it was the wooden part that gave way. Defective meters will be investigated at Batavia, Ill., and replaced by those that register accurately. Pittsburg, Pa., is completing ten filterbeds. These, however,…

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