How Bacteria may be Caught.

Issue 21 and Volume 45.

How Bacteria may be Caught. Microscopic as bacteria are, they have their needs, which in some instances bear an analogy to those exhibited by the human race. It is possible, indeed, to separate certain kinds of bacteria from other kinds by a process of allurement, employing bails for the purpose. Those bacteria, fer example, which are concerned in the process of putrefaction may be trapped or separated from the rest by offering them oxygen. A very pretty experiment in this direction consists in employing a thread of a green alga, which under the influence ot the sun’s rays evolves oxygen, and placing it in a drop of liquid infested with the particular bacteria. The oxygen loving bacteria will soon gather round the points at which oxygen is evolved, just as so many fishes will be found gathered round a baiting ground. It is clear from this experiment that, in the…

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