Loss on Sprinklered Tannery.

Issue 22 and Volume 45.

Loss on Sprinklered Tannery. About three-quarters of the plant of Alexander B. Clark, a sprinklered sheepskin tannery and glove factory at Peabody, Mass., was recently destroyed by fire, while the adjacent plant of the National Calfskin company was damaged to the extent of about 5 per cent., the total property loss being estimated at between $350,000 and $400,000 and fully covered by insurance. The fire is thought to have started on the first floor of the northeast end of the main addition of the plant, which was of open joist construction, and Occupied principally for splitting, skiving, sawdust-bin and storage of e h a mois skins. The cause of the blaze is unk n o vv n. The officers’ opinion is that the valves on the sprinkler system tjte main building. addition and main addition, were closed at the time of the fire. It is emphatically denied by one of…

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