Tests of Torresdale Filtered Water.

Issue 22 and Volume 45.

Tests of Torresdale Filtered Water. Official tests of Philadelphia’s Torresdale filtered water supply show no indications of any undue number of bacteria that would suggest that this water was the cause of the recent outbreak of typhoid fever in the old Queen Lane district. Nevertheless, there were 34 new cases of typhoid recently, of which 24 occurred in the old Queen Lane district, which embraces the Fifteenth, Twenty-eighth, Twenty-ninth, Thirtysecond and Forty-seventh wards. In the Tenth ward, immediately south of the Fifteenth ward across Vine street, which also receives its water supply from Torresdale, not a single case of typhoid fever has been reported in the last three weeks. Director Stearns, Doctor Neff and Chief Dunlap will have a conference on these typhoid conditions, and meanwhile the health bureau is making a searching investigation to discover, if possible, the cause of the increase in the disease.

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