The Softening of Municipal Water Supplies

Issue 22 and Volume 45.

The Softening of Municipal Water Supplies The softening of municipal water supplies in America is a relatively new departure in engineering, and the relating of the experiences in each plant must necessarily be of benefit to all communities. Since the McKeesport, Pa., plant has been put in operation, two other very large water-softening plants have been put in commission—that of Columbus, Ohio, and that of New Orleans, La., and the recital of the experiences at these two cities would be a very valuable and instructive addition to the knowledge of water softening. The water-softening plant at Winnipeg, constructed some years ago, has not proved a success, not because of inherent defects in the design, hut because it was inadequate to soften the entire supply of water, and the admixture of the treated water with the balance of the water untreated created an ideal condition to generate all kinds of trouble…

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