Mechanical Filtration Plant at Atlanta

Issue 22 and Volume 45.

Mechanical Filtration Plant at Atlanta The original mechanical filtration plant for the water supply of Atlanta, Ga., was located at the old South river pumping station and was supplied from a small stream which took its rise south of the city and not far from it. This plant consists of 12 Hyatt, open, gravity, steel-tank, vertical-filters, and was installed in 1887. The capacity of this plant was guaranteed to be 3,000,ooo United States gal. in twenty-four hours, or at that rate. In 1892 the supply was changed to the Chattahoochee river, 7 miles from the city, where a pumping station, known as No. t river station, was located, its function being to lift the raw water from the river to the settling reservoir against a head of 477 ft. in the same year a battery of New York, sectional, wash filters’was furnished and located at pumping station No. 2, knowm…

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