The Fire Department of Morristown.

Issue 24 and Volume 45.

The Fire Department of Morristown. The fire department of Morristown, N. J., is volunteer. It has about 300 members and is finely equiped with first-class apparatus. The men have fine company homes, all of them provided with means of recreation. The personnel of the department includes men in all walks of life, from the millionaire banker to the artisan, businness men and professional men, all working together in times of stress to save property, but between alatms enjoying life to the limit. With less than twenty general alarms a year, there is not much in the way of fire duty for some of the companies; but the chemical engine and the truck companies are exceptions to this rule, their apparatus being used for still alarm work fifty or sixty times during the year. The oldest company in the department is Independent hose No. 1, organised in 1807. it has rooms…

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