United States Furniture Co. Fire.

Issue 26 and Volume 45.

United States Furniture Co. Fire. The fire which visited the United States Furniture company, in Chicago, June 18, is reported by our correspondent to have been one of con siderable magnitude, and one requiring quite a muster of firefighting strength and display of technical skill on the part of those engaged to control. The building in which the fire occurred was situated in the downtown district. It was 6 stories high and covered an area of about 45×165 ft. The building was fifteen years old. of mill construction with reinforced pillars, but unprovided with sprinkler system. The fire is said to have originated in the basement and must have been for some time undiscovered, for all six floors and the roof were ablaze when fire department arrived. Engines to the number of twenty-three were called into action, most of them being Continental, Metropolitan or Nott. The number of hydrants available…

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