Issue 26 and Volume 45.

HARDMAN-PECK PIANO FACTORY FIRE The Hardman, Peck & Co.’s piano factory, at Nos. 16-18 West Forty-ninth street, extending through to No. 633 West Forty-eighth street, Manhattan, New York, was burned on June 16. The fire started in the cellar of the once sprinklered, but for many years unsprinklered, portion of the building on Forty-ninth street, which was almost totally destroyed. The flames were checked only by the lire doors in the Forty-eighth street section, although even there on one floor the fire made its way under the door, owing to imperfect fitting. This caused the sprinklers to operate, the result being some water damage in that portion. Where the fire began was the veneering section, about 11 o’clock a. m., and caused a nearly all-day fight. Four alarms were turned in and, in addition to his land force, four fireboats, the New Yorker, the George B. McClellan, the Thomas Willett…

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