To Reduce Fire Waste.

Issue 26 and Volume 45.

To Reduce Fire Waste. The report of the fire insurance committee of the National Association of Credit Men who were recently in convention at Philadelphia, dealt, among other subject, with the “story of frightful waste of life and wealth,” caused every year by fires in the United States, and spoke of it causes and correctives. The reP rt pointed out that, so far the business men f the country have “cried out passionately a train st it. when hit, but usually have applied only a palliative—no real betterment of conditions. 1 he corrective is to be found in all business men joining hands against this common enemy and effectively co-operating-to control it. No one association, however large, earnest or well informed, can change matters appreciably. The habit of undue fire waste and of paying for it is too old and strong, the inertia too great, the problem too large, for…

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