Middletown Accepts New Filters.

Issue 4 and Volume 46.

Middletown Accepts New Filters. A special meeting of the Middletown, N. Y., water commission was held early this month to pass upon the acceptability of the new filters. The investigation of the matter had been referred to Chemist Irving C. Bull. According to his report a test was started on June 25, and completed on June 29. The test of the first day’s run proved conclusively that in order to maintain the filtration rate, and a proper quality of filtered water, washings of the filters must be made at the expiration of each eight hours of continuous run. The test, therefore, was conducted upon that basis, for washing the filters. It was necessary in order to obtain a satisfactory removal of color and bacteria that at least seven of one grain of aluminium sulphate be added at all times. During tile test between .82 and .88 of one grain was…

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