Issue 4 and Volume 46.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK The Albin Water company, of Albin, N. Y., is driving several new wells. Plainville, Kan., has just opened up a well that supplies 350 gallons a minute. Augusta, Ga., is daily expecting the new pump which was ordered some time ago. Rock Rapids, Iowa, votes Aug. 1 on the proposition to take over the local water plant at $8,500. At Logansport, lnd., the water authorities are prospecting for an artesian well supply of good water. Supt. Alexander, of Emporia, Kan., is making a crusade against those water takers habitually careless of the supply. It is estimated that the 200 meters now installed in Alliance, Ohio, are lessening the consumption by 500,000 gal. per day. Stop the waste and shut off when you hear a tire alarm is the admonition of Supt. Stopperd, at Binghamton, N. Y. W. N. Crow has been made superintendent of the…

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