Outside Sale of Water at Cincinnati.

Issue 4 and Volume 46.

Outside Sale of Water at Cincinnati. Business and civic organizations of Cincinnati will likely be enlisted by Member Manss, of the board of public service, in his effort to keep the board from entering into any more contracts to supply adjacent villages with water. Mr. Manss states that he will again bring the matter up before the board and attempt to have a resolution adopted that will stop the sale of water to outsiders. “I do not think it is right to the citizens,” he is quoted as saying, “and I repeat that it will thwart all of our efforts at annexation.” President Laidlaw, of the board, on the contrary takes the view that in supplying the villages with water he has only the best interests of the city at heart. “It will lessen the cost of water to our people, at any rate it will not increase our present…

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