Luitwieler Motor Fire Apparatus.

Issue 6 and Volume 46.

Luitwieler Motor Fire Apparatus. For several years Mr. L. W. Luitwieler, of the Luitwieler Pumping Engine company, Rochester, N. Y., has devoted his attention to the perfecting of an automobile fire apparatus. He has now produced a motor apparatus of the most practical type. It is a combination of chemicals and chemical hose, fire pumps and standard hose, ladders, and hand tools in one unit; with a speed of 30 miles per hour, carrying a crew of five men. The equipment appears to be finished in evendetail. The chemical tank and basket are selfcontained and detchable; the engine is mounted on the rear trucks to do away with bearings and facilitate steering, and the hose capacity is ample. In size, the apparatus is standard, the wheel base being 120 in., the length over all 15 ft., track 4 ft. 8 in., and the extreme height 5 ft. 8 in. The…

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