Sprinklered Buddings Well Protected.

Issue 6 and Volume 46.

Sprinklered Buddings Well Protected. The effectiveness of sprinklers in reducing the fire hazard of buildings in which they are installed is well instanced by the figures given out by the insurance companies which have taken this class of risks at a reduction from the prevailing rates. The last issue of the Sprinkler Bulletin sets the experience of such companies forth in an informative way. The Bulletin says, in part: “Do sprinklers pay the insurance companies? This is a question which has been asked again and again since the sprinkler movement began to make practical headway twenty-five or thirty years ago. The question, he it noted, is not—Do sprinklers reduce fire losses? There is an immediate answer to this in the fact that the insurance companies throughout the civilized world give discounts off standard rates, averaging 50 per cent, where risks are sprinklered. The question is—the discount being granted, does the…

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