Issue 7 and Volume 46.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The interests represented by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING have apparently been little bothered by the tariff tinkering, which has at length been concluded at Washington. Most of us will keep right on with our work, little noting the changes that have been wrought. Magazines and periodicals are on the “free list,” but that does not worry this publication. We are glad to note that all life-saving apparatus is on the free list as well. Probably it would be in the metals schedule that most articles would be found which are important in fire or hydraulic engineering, but the schedule is a long one and our readers are not likely to peruse it to the end. Cast iron pipe is dutiable at one-quarter of a cent a pound, but that is not likely for potable water or protective purposes—so let’s to work. The irrigation congress which has…

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