The Mueller Annual Outing.

Issue 7 and Volume 46.

The Mueller Annual Outing. Saturday, July 31, 1909, the plant of the Mueller Manufacturing company, at Decatur, Ill., was closed and the members of the company, their employes and families went to Miller park, Bloomington, Ill., for a day’s outing. Some two hundred and fifty persons were especially invited as guests of the company. These included Mayor C. M. Borchers, the city council, city officials, master plumbers, journeymen plumbers and their families. Four special interurban trains were used in transporting the party to tbe scene of the festivities, 40 miles distant. At Bloomington the party was met by the Business Men’s association, Mayor Carlock and the city council. The Mueller employes wore a handsome blue badge to distinguish them from the guests who w-ere provided with red badges. Forty or fifty Bloomington automobiles, followed by a platoon of police, acted as an escort to the visitors who paraded the street…

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