Rochester Reservoir Repaired.

Issue 7 and Volume 46.

Rochester Reservoir Repaired. At Rochestr, N. Y., the Cobb hill reservoir is again in commission, following the repairs which were begun in June. The reservoir now is filled with 144,000,000 gal. of water, which, at the average rate of consumption from this source, which is 18,000,000 gal. in summer, would last eight days. A local statistician has figured out that the water in this reservoir at 14 cents per 1,000 gal., the price charged by the city, is worth $20,000. The other Rochester reservoirs are the Highland and the Rush with capacities of 22,500,000 and 63,000,000 gal., respectively. Two conduits to lake Ontario, however, are the main dependency. Rock. Rapids, la., in a special election ratified the action of the council in purchasing the local waterworks.

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