Springfield Department Overcomes Handicap at Recent Fire.

Issue 7 and Volume 46.

Springfield Department Overcomes Handicap at Recent Fire. The recent handling of a considerable fire in the business district of Springfield, Mo., by Chief Price and his department presents some interesting features because of the handicap of no water, which resulted because of repairs being made to the water mains. The alarm was received at 11:55 p. m. on the night of July 30. Two minutes later apparatus was at the scene, but the fire plug afforded no water. A general alarm was then sounded and the effort begun to get a line of hose through to Jordan creek, 1,750 feet distant from the fire. In doing this a road had to be cleared and obstacles removed which had resulted from the recent flood. Department No. 2 arrived after a run of nearly two miles, and it was connected with engine No. 1 at the above-named creek and the water thus…

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