Compressed Air Chemical Apparatus.

Issue 7 and Volume 46.

Compressed Air Chemical Apparatus. Never has the value of chemicals for fire extinguishment been more fully realized and appreciated than at the present time. Indeed, the important position in the equipment of a modern fire department now held by motor driven apparatus was won largely by recognition of the efficacy of chemicals speedily introduced on the scene of a fire. In this connection it is interesting to note that Buffalo, N. Y„ has a motorcycle fireman who has prevented many serious fires by quick action with chemicals. A new departure, however, has been made hy Kanawha Chemical Fire Engine Manufacturing company, of Charleston, \ . Va. It claims that it has perfected a safe and effective solution, with an ideal method of discharge. The exact nature of the solution is naturally not given, but the company, which is composed of some of the foremost business men of the State, assert…

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