Costly Fire at Milton, Del.

Issue 8 and Volume 46.

Costly Fire at Milton, Del. A fire doing over $100,000 worth of damage occurred in Milton, Del., on Friday, August 13. About 24 business places and 10 dwelling were consumed and for a time many of the industrial plants threatened. Broadkill creek, which divides the town saved the finer residential district. The fire broke out at night and even the nightwatchman was not on duty. The fire had claimed nearly half a block before it was discovered. By the time the alarm was given tlie flames had spread nearly to the enginehouse. The firemen do not stay at the enginehouse, and when the members dashed to the place they found their house in flames and their apparatus ruined. There was plenty of water and plenty of men to fight the blaze, but no hose or apparatus to assist them in pouring water upon the buildings. There was a rush to…

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