Philadelphia Pintsch Gas Explosion.

Issue 8 and Volume 46.

Philadelphia Pintsch Gas Explosion. The Pintsch gas plant at the Reading railway terminal in Philadelphia exploded early on the afternoon of August 18, injuring over a score of people and starting a fire with which the firemen had a considerable battle. The first explosion occurred at 1:25 o’clock, and came with the force of an earthquake. Hardly had the vibrations of this shock subsided before a second shook the earth, bowling over people in the neighborhood and shattering the windows in buildings for squares around. Thick columns of black smoke arising from many barrels of oil used in the manufacture of gas, ignited by sparks, made the scene look like a volcano in action, and one of the most spectacular fires in the history of Philadelphia. When the firemen arrived they realized that a stubborn fight was ahead of them. The great chemical plant of the Powers-WrcightmanRosengarten company is but…

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