Progressive Volunteer Company at Jenkintown.

Issue 8 and Volume 46.

Progressive Volunteer Company at Jenkintown. Pioneer Fire company. No. 1, of Jenkintown. Pa., is a highly progressive volunteer organization. They recently celebrated their twentyfifth anniversary, but apparently the organization grows progressive with years, for bySeptember they expect to have a high-powered automobile combination apparatus. It is to be furnished by the Acme Motor Car Co., of Reading. Pa. It is one of their type 27 ears, with an extra heavy frame and wheels. This ear was decided upon after several tests of automobiles. The apparatus will cost at least $5,500. Other evidence of the up-to-date policy of the company is the quick opening springs and bolts on their front doors, and the sliding pole in the house, something which no other volunteer company in their section has yet aspired to. Not content with being the pride of Jenkintown, Chief A. Graham says he is going to make this company the…

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