Underwriters Test Rockford Engines.

Issue 8 and Volume 46.

Underwriters Test Rockford Engines. Tests of the fire engines of the Rockford fire department have iust been made at the request of the inspectors of the National Underwriters’ association who arc making an investigation of affairs in Rockford as they pertain to the insurance business. The four steamers which the city owns were given a trial under conditions set forth by the inspectors. Each engine was given an hour’s work, the inspectors keeping a record of the work done. The engines were tested as to steam and water pressure, the distance water was thrown, whether the streams were solid or broken and a test was also made of the water as it left the nozzles. This included the number of gallons pumped. All the engines worked nicely and while the inspectors had nothing to say they were agreed there was little to complain of of the Rockford machines. Engines Nos.…

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