Issue 8 and Volume 46.

REMOVAL OF IRON FROM SUPERIOR WATER SUPPLY My purpose, is to present an account of the water supply of Superior, Wisconsin. I have not a technical paper, nor altogether a popular one, but one which I hope may he of some interest. Superior is a rapidly growing city on a magnificent harbor at the head of Lake Superior. It is 350 miles northwest of Milwaukee and next to our convention city, is the largest in the State. The site of the present city was largely cut-over timber in the early eighties. In 1890 the population was not quite 12,000 people; at the present lime it is over 40,000. The water supply is controlled by a private corporation, the Superior Water. I .ight and Power company. During the early days, the supply was drawn from Tower bay slip, at a point in the harbor very near the town, but soon this…

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