Considerable Loss at Evansville.

Issue 8 and Volume 46.

Considerable Loss at Evansville. While the fire loss for Indiana in June was low for July Evansville alone with two fires brings the figures up to nearly where they were for the entire State in the month previous. The first fire, as already noted in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, was in a large basket factory. Later advices disclose that this building was outside the city limits and was on fire from end to end before the department was called. Good work, however, was done in saving adjoining buildings, even though it were possible to play only two streams. One of these streams had to be supplied through over :t,000 ft. of hose. On the last day of July two bad fires occurred within an hour and a half of each other. The first of these tires was in a wholesale produce house where goods of every description were kept. It…

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