Forestation and Water Supply.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

Forestation and Water Supply. Some interesting facts concerning the relation between forestation and water supply were recently brought out by James S. Whipple, speaking before the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, in their eighth annual gathering. Meeting with this society were the American Forestry association and the foresters of the Northeastern States and also the State Forestry Commission of New Hampshire. Mr. Whipple pointed out in his address the necessity of proper care for the forests, for not only with reference to the timber supply, but the great importance of the water supply, elaborating on the necessity of the recognition of the timber lands as reservoirs, explaining how the roots and humus are capable of great saturation. He said that if the forests were removed in whole the soil would be destroyed by erosion and fire, that we would be deprived of our natural reservoir and the…

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