Fire Inspection at Hartford.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

Fire Inspection at Hartford. The Hartford fire board at a recent meeting ecided that regular inspections of buildings aould be made by the different companies of he fire department. Chief Krug agreed that it ras desirable for the firemen to be familiar with the buildings, especially in the business section, though the inspections would leave the companies short-handed and the number of reserve men available is small. It was also voted to station a combination wagon on the grounds of the State fair while the fair was being held. A request from the Ford Motor company, which has been given a contract for two automobiles each of 25 horsepower for the use of the department, that the contract be modified to reduce the horsepower to 22½ was refused on the ground that the board had no right to change the contract. The Ford people said the latter was a stock-size…

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