An Auxiliary High Pressure System For Chicago

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

An Auxiliary High Pressure System For Chicago That the smarting fire chastisement of 1871 has been in a large measure lost on Chicago, might be inferred from the attitude of the RecordHerald, of that city, which recently discussed editorially a phase of fire protection in that city. “Chicago’s downtown district is protected from fire only by the old-fashioned, low-pressure water supply. With the crowding together of immensely valuable buildings, with so many oldfashioned buildings not of fireproof construction, and with lumber yards to the southwest as a fertile source of conflagrations the existing protection is far from adequate. To tear down the older buildings and to substitute fireproof construction throughout is utterly impossible. To introduce at once at least the beginnings of a high-pressure water system is possible, and should be done. “The city engineer has gone over the whole subject in a report just made to the commissioner of…

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