Ozone Water Purification at Lynn.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

Ozone Water Purification at Lynn. A promoter of the process of ozonization for the purification of water has made the authorities at Lynn, Mass., an offer which the mayor for his part considers favorably. The offer is to introduce the ozonization plant free of all cost of installation and the parties so doing to operate it for one year, if at the end of one year’s experimentation the city is satisfied with this method it shall pay the sum $111,000 less than the estimated cost of slow sand filtration. Should it be decided by the city that the system has been a failure the plant will be removed and the city shall not be liable for one cent in damages. This offer looks good to Mayor Rich, but he says he is willing to leave the entire matter to the experts, or at least to the point where he feels…

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