Issue 9 and Volume 46.

CORRESPONDENCE. PRIZE FOR PORTABLE FIRE ESCAPE. FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. We have received your address from J. C. Broderick, chief of the fire department, at Detroit, in reference to a news item that he thinks you would he pleased to publish, referring to a prize that is being offered by the Commercial Travelers’ Association and the exhibition people of the city of Toronto for a fire escape appliance suitable for use by individuals without experience from ordinary rooms in hotels. The prize offered is $100 for the best fire escape to be exhibited on ,he exhibition grounds on Saturday, September 4, in the city of Toronto, to be demonstrated by the exhibitor from a steel tower from a height of a three-story hotel. If you could give this item in your valuable periodical the commercial travelers of Canada will be obliged, and I would be pleased to see a copy…

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