Meters Recommended to Texan Mayors.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

Meters Recommended to Texan Mayors. The Mayors’ association of Texas was recently addressed by Engineer Maxes, who spoke concerning the administration of municipally-owned waterworks systems. Some of the pertinent portions of the address were as follows: “The municipally owned system should be administered in such a way that each water consumer should be made to feel that he is a shareholder in the enterprise and has a personal pride and responsibility in the success of the system. The administration is of the first importance, as it matters not how good and carefully the physical property has been developed, its ultimate success is dependent upon the proper administration. I, therefore, feel justified in calling to your attention some imperative economies which should be inaugurated in every system and religously lived up “First In the powerhouse a system of hourly and daily records should be kept on specially prepared forms, so that…

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