East Jersey Water Company’s Suit.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

East Jersey Water Company’s Suit. That the city may have all the advantage that testimony from a disinterested expert engineer can afford, Chief Engineer Sherrerd was authorized at the August meeting of the Newark, N. J., board of works to confer with some of the engineers employed by the city in the Chancery suit brought against the East Jersey Water company for the purpose of securing the services of one of them in the bearing before the State water supply commission, August 24 next, on the city’s petition for permission to divert water from the Wanaque river at Midvale. Mr, Sherrerd said that the opposition to the city would probably base its argument on the ground that the Pequannock watershed had not been sufficiently developed and that this should have been done before acquiring rights in the Wanaque watershed. Mr, Sherrerd explained that the engineers engaged by the city in…

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