A Compliment to Chief Humphreys.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

A Compliment to Chief Humphreys. A fine compliment was paid to Chief Miles Humphries, of Pittsburg, by members of the Western Pennsylvania Firemen’s association at the time of their recent convention in Beaver Falls. It was learned that Chief Humphries was to pass through the city on his way to the convention of the International Fire Engineers at Grand Rapids, and accordingly the volunteers formed themselves into an impromptu committee and went to the railroad station to give him a welcome and speed him on his way. When the train pulled in all of the volunteers were lined up at attention. Assistant Chief Peter Snyder marshaled the demonstration, which numbered several thousand. Chief Humphries was pulled to the Pullman platform and presented with flowers. The veteran attempted to make a speech, but his emotions were too stirred to make it effective. He managed to let it be known that he…

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