The Berry Quick Hitch Device.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

The Berry Quick Hitch Device. Mr. Charles E. Berry, the inventor and pioneer manufacturer of quick-hitch devices for fire, police, and ambulance departments, needs no introduction to firemen. His work with the fire departments for thirty-five or forty years and the world-wide application of his apparatus have made his name well known. Attention is called here to Mr. Berry’s new booklet which is a brief catalogue of his product. The booklet is now in press, being handsomely printed in two colors on coated paper, and showing finely finished illustrations of the enginehouse devices. In fact it is the finest and most up-to-date publication describing fire department supplies. The hanging harness, which made the quickhitch possible, is given a prominent place in the booklet, the description following being of the accessories such as hames, hangers, ceiling springs, snaps, breast-plate locks, etc. All these devices have been improved from time to time…

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