New York State Fire News.

Issue 9 and Volume 46.

New York State Fire News. Wantagh had a $20,000 fire recently, when a large lumber yard was burned. Firemen from Bellmore, Seaford, Freeport, and Amityville were called on. The new fireboat James Duane, of the New York department has a thirty-five foot water tower, enabling it to throw water directly through second-story and higher windows; also directly down upon roofs, decks of vessels, into coal pockets, etc. At the recent fire department election at Riverhead, Frank C. Lane became head of the department, with Nathan J. Corwin as assistant chief, and for Fire Commissioner B. Frank Howell. At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Ludlow Valve Manufacturing Company, of Troy, the following directors were elected: T. Christie and James H. Caldwell, of Troy, and Max Nathan, Marcus Stine. Isaac Untermeyer, J. W. Mack and Alfred Nathan, of New York. Mr. Caldwell was named president, to succeed John J.…

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