Baton Rouge Water Controversy to be Settled.

Issue 10 and Volume 46.

Baton Rouge Water Controversy to be Settled. Through the conferences between the mayor and the Baton Rouge Waterworks company and the members of the special committee of the board of trade looking to an agreement whereby the water company will grant additional fire protection and extend the water system to all parts of the city and give lower rates on all classes of service throughout the city, an amicable settlement is likely. The water company has made several propositions, and the last submitted has been to purchase the mains laid by the city at the time the construction of a municipal plant was in order, and to give a fiat rate level with that of Shreveport, provided the company and the consumer have the right to out in a meter and to use meter rates when desired. The question of the water supply and the. lire protection is one which…

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