Expense of Operating Lexington Waterworks.

Issue 10 and Volume 46.

Expense of Operating Lexington Waterworks. The suit in which the Lexington, Ky., waterworks is the matter in controversy some recent testimony disclosed the receipts and operating expenses to be as follows: Receipts for 1908. Expenses for 1908. The expenses were $98,763.66. They are distributed as follows: Labor, $2,377.03; rent of shop, $96; hauling, $712.52; plumbing expenses, $504.72; power house, $5,100; coal consumed, $5,422.63; oil waste and packing, $365.53; power house expense, $1,744.52; power house repairs, $596.11; meter repairs, $136.55; grounds and roadway, $584.41; general repairs, $1,368.15; farm expenses, $1,667.47; maintenance expense, $1,223.31; office salaries, $10,200.40; office rent, $600; fuel and light, $34.83; stationary, printing, etc., $402.34; postage, telegrams, express, etc., $149.89; telephone, $301.80; insurance, $373.55; office expenses, $129.82; taxes, $11,383.87; interest on bonds, $30,000; other interests $,4,737.81; dividends, $17,550. Excluding the dividends, the total operating expense for the year of 1908 was $81,213,66. “The total operating expenses for the first…

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