Some Features of New Kansas Fire Department

Issue 11 and Volume 46.

Some Features of New Kansas Fire Department Kansas has a new fire law, passed by the 1909 legislature, which pertains to the greater safety of public halls, school houses and buildings in which people are likely to congregate. Property owners having buildings which do not conform to the provisions of this law have until December 1 to effect the necessary changes. 1 he law requires that all public halls, lyceums, theatres, opera houses and other places of amusement, which are thrown open to and used for the profits of their owners or proprietors by public assemblies shall be provided by the owner, manager or lessee with at least two stairways, hallways or means of egress, and all doors opening thereto shall not be less than 3 ft. in width, and shall swing or open out of, not into, said public hall or other place of amusement. The proprietor, lessee or…

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